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Community Guidelines :

Community Guidelines

Some Do's and Dont's to help you get the most out of Doostang.

Doostang connects you to a community of top employers and talented young professionals who can help advance your career.  To ensure a safe, collaborative, and professional environment, we've highlighted a few community guidelines below.


Represent yourself truthfully

Doostang is a real community of real people, and an accurate representation of yourself — including your name — is important to ensure the most positive interactions with other Doostang members and prospective employers.

Complete your profile

Get the most relevant and personalized experience on Doostang by completing your profile and keeping it up-to-date.  Please remember to be professional and include an appropriate profile picture if you'd like.

Control your privacy settings

We take your privacy seriously.  That's why we've built tools to let you control your visibility in the community.  You decide who can see your profile, find you in searches, and message you on Doostang — all in your Account Settings.

Join communities within Doostang

Networks on Doostang help you interact with people with similar backgrounds and interests. 

Post job opportunities

You might see an opportunity outside of Doostang that's not right for you, but might be perfect for someone else in the community. Create a Community Post to share it on our job board (make sure you have permission first).  Community Posts expand the number of opportunities available to Doostang members and help employers hire from our talented pool of candidates.

Invite qualified friends

Invite friends and colleagues who not only would benefit from the opportunities on Doostang, but would also be great additions to the community.  By bringing in more top talent, you expand your networking opportunities and help the community attract more exclusive jobs.

Report inappropriate behavior and content

Doostang is your community, so if you feel that your experience here is being compromised by inappropriate behavior or content, please don't hesitate to let us know.  You can email us at anytime.


Apply to jobs for which you're not qualified

Before applying to a job, be sure that you meet the qualifications specified in the job post.  Employers don't want to receive irrelevant applications.

Post or send inappropriate content

We do not permit the distribution of commercial offers, advertising, or inappropriate content through our job board or messaging system. When posting a job, provide only real job opportunities with as much information as possible.

Spam members with irrelevant messages

We encourage members to contact one another through our messaging system, but please don't harass, solicit, or spam others.

Be malicious or offensive

Please respect your fellow Doostang members.  Aggressive, harmful and offensive behavior won’t be tolerated.

Thanks for reading and enjoy Doostang!