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Veronica, Princeton University 2008

I signed up for Doostang when I was ironically laid off from a Los Angeles-based investment bank due to a merger (I was an M&A analyst). Actually, I’d signed up for Doostang before I was laid off (rumors!), but after the layoff, I went Premium. Doostang was an extraordinary resource for helping me make a few “next-step” decisions:

  1. What industry was hiring? Not offering unpaid internships and switchboard gigs, but hiring smart, capable grads who were interested in real positions.
  2. Where were these industries hiring? I was considering a move to New York City, and decided that I'd make my mind up depending on where the opportunities were.
  3. What opportunities are out there that I may not have thought of before? Doostang’s "You might also like" feature led me down a variety of fruitful paths, pointing me in the directions of companies or industries that I might have never considered. Maybe it was a copywriting gig for a retail company; maybe it was working as a creative liaison for a non-profit. There were all kinds of opportunities that I might have missed otherwise.

Ultimately, after checking for a few weeks in Los Angeles (and receiving the e-mails to fill in what I missed), I came to realize that the jobs I really lusted after were in Manhattan. So I made the switch.

Once in New York City, the interview requests started streaming in. And through the interview process, I was able to whittle down which industry I was most interested in, and land two offers. It took just a month and a half, and I couldn't be happier about where I've ended up.

Now, I'm working in advertising. It is a welcome change, and Doostang was a very welcome guide throughout the entire process.


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