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Jasim, Boston University 2007

Analyst - HighPoint Solutions

After the financial collapse, I turned to Doostang in late 2009 on the advice of a friend. In a tough economy and an even tighter job market it isn’t easy to part with any amount of money, but I feel the money I invested in monthly subscriptions to Doostang was far and away the best money I’ve spent in quite some time.

I only wish I turned to Doostang sooner in my search. At first I was hesitant to pay for job listings so I networked like crazy, used free job sites and job boards, and applied directly to companies. Having little luck there I decided to give Doostang a shot and added it to my job search strategy. Though I put in countless hours and months of work into networking and applying through company websites, I received my job offer through Doostang. I applied on a Saturday, had a phone interview on Tuesday, and got the job offer the following week.

What Doostang does very well is it takes a lot of the pain out of the job search by completely eliminating trash ads, pop-ups, and phony jobs that a lot of the other free sites have. It also does a great job at aggregating high quality positions through its filter, so when you search for “Analyst” “Boston” you’re only seeing legitimate, quality job matches. Applying to jobs is never fun, but Doostang definitely takes a lot of the pain out of it. I also found that the quality and quantity of jobs on Doostang kept motivating me to keep applying because I would see new listings for analyst positions and I would say to myself “there are still a lot of really good jobs out there”. The key to any job search is persistence, and while that has to come from the individual, Doostang certainly makes the search easier.

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