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Evan, Harvard University 2008

I first started using Doostang right after graduation, without any real idea where I would go or what I would end up doing. Pre-crash, there was a bit more opportunity, and while I ended up finding success originally through a friend of a friend at a boutique branding and design firm, I stayed connected to Doostang just to see what else was out there. I knew that once I had been at my branding job in New York long enough, my connections and experience would open up some more doors. I hoped that Doostang would help me out as well.

Unfortunately for me, the economic crisis coincided with a real crisis of faith at my old job. In February 2009, I restarted the job hunt in earnest, having realized it was necessary for me to move on from my current position. It’s an understatement to say that jobs in advertising and marketing in New York were scarce; basically all the old channels I had employed previously in my job hunt had dried up. The only place I could find any interesting (or available) jobs was Doostang. I began checking each day and sending out resumes almost exclusively through Doostang by the end of February.

About a month later, I sent out my resume for a social media consultant position in San Francisco. I received an email from the firm a week later – which began a very intensive and successful interview process. I flew out to San Francisco soon after and received an offer within a week. I’ve been working at Page One PR now since the beginning of July, and I couldn’t be happier with my experience.

Looking back on it, I think Doostang was the best job search tool I could have asked for to get me here. Because the community is of such high quality, it helped me find the job I was best suited for. It just shows that patience and focus, even in a down economy, can still yield some pretty great results.

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