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Reed, Duke University 2006

I joined Doostang on the advice of a colleague when I left my management consulting firm during the market downturn. I wasn’t in a hurry to start anything new at the time – planned on taking time off for a honeymoon at the very least – but I also knew that it’s never too soon to be aware of what’s out there.

I used the customized saved searches feature to create a daily email that contained job postings very specific to what I was looking for by a number of criteria. Specifically, I used key words of “MBA,” “Strategy,” and “Consulting,” and also filtered levels of experience and geographic preferences. The result was that by checking my daily alerts, I was pretty up to date on what companies were actively on the market, and also I could recognize new opportunities that just came out. I had alternative searches set up to monitor relevant opportunities outside my home area, again to be aware of the market. Amazingly, I even checked out one random opportunity that ended up being posted by a former classmate and close personal friend. It’s a small world sometimes.

When a local posting that was a perfect match for my needs eventually came up in my daily alert, I literally had a resume submitted, a first response back from the company, and an interview lined up within an hour. After one phone interview, and one afternoon of rapid fire interviews in the office, I had an offer after one week. I’ve now been on the job two months, and already realize what a great improvement I’ve made in my career path.

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