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Adrienne, Stanford University 2007

Business Associate - Viagogo

I signed up for Doostang's premium membership at the end of my second year at a middle market investment bank. This was mid-2009, and though the market was very bleak, I knew I still wanted to look for something else. I had heard of Doostang before when I was a junior at Stanford. It had just started out of the graduate school of business, I think. Throughout my search period, I also used Stanford's career website and some networking, gave my resume to headhunters and recruiters, and applied directly on company websites. However, a significant majority of my interviews came from the applications I'd sent through Doostang, and none came through from the headhunters.

One of the things that I liked about Doostang is that it allows me to be proactive. If I saw something that interested me, there was nothing to stop me from just being assertive and sending my application. I didn't have to wait and hope that a headhunter would like my resume and background enough to pass on my application to an employer who otherwise would not have had a chance to know I existed. Applying through Doostang's website was extremely easy, and sometimes I would get an email with an interview offer hours after I'd sent my application.

Another feature that I found very helpful was the ability to save searches and then have them emailed to me everyday. During the search process I was still working for my old firm, and sometimes I was too busy to go to Doostang and do the searches myself. Having the searches emailed to me daily allowed me to quickly glance at the list of relevant results and bookmark the ones that I would go back to apply for later on. In each saved search email was also a section called "Jobs you might have missed" which were results that might not have fit my criteria exactly but might be close, or they were postings from a day or two ago. These were very useful features because they allowed me to feel that I was still actively searching for opportunities even when I was busy rather than letting opportunities slip by. I felt informed and aware.

I relied on Doostang almost entirely for finding out about job postings and getting interviews. Doostang was good for learning about the breath of opportunities available so that I never really felt like I didn't have any leads to pursue – so many new jobs are posted everyday.

Through Doostang, I was able to find out about an opportunity at a start up in San Francisco and have recently accepted the offer. This is the type of job that I have been looking for since I started the search process, and I couldn't be happier. It is actually a bit of a pleasant surprise that I learned about the opportunity from Doostang, a site that I had gotten used to thinking was geared towards the traditional finance track. However, without Doostang, I probably wouldn't have known about the opportunity because the start up was going through the personal referrals method before posting on Doostang. I had not seen the opportunity through Stanford's career website or elsewhere. I am just as happy now to get off the post-ibanking track of corporate development, private equity and hedge funds to explore something entirely different – strategy and operations at an exciting start up.

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